Joe DeLuca began his studies of music at the age of 10. He was under the tutelage of a world renowned composer, arranger, and performer, Maestro Vincent Geraci. At the age of 17, Maestro Vincent Geraci asked Joe if he wanted to take over a schedule of 75 accordion students, which he accepted with much enthusiasm.

During this period he was also playing the accordion with different bands throughout the metropolitan area. At the age of 20 he landed a great opportunity to join a well known quintet, The Melowaires. At this point in time, The Melowaires signed a contract with the famous booking agency, MCA(music corporation of America). The main featured artists in the quintet were Pat Ferreri, Joe DeLuca, and Bob Randazzo. The agent booked The Melowaires throughout the U.S.A. including Labrador, Reno and Las Vegas. After being on the road for eight months the quintet decided to concentrate on getting engagements in the Chicagoland area. The agent booked them in the finest night clubs, hotels, and country clubs.

At the age of 22 Joe DeLuca decided to begin booking his own engagements, but also started his college career at Roosevelt University. With his musical engagements he was able to support his college tuition. After four years at Roosevelt he was awarded a BA degree in education. He continued his playing engagements and going to school at the university, and after some time he earned a Masters Degree in sociology.

At the age of 26 he got married and started a family. During this new phase in his life he began teaching most of the academic courses in public schools, but never ignoring his passion for music. As the leader of his orchestra he booked engagements in most of the finest country clubs in the area. He also performed in the best hotels in town such as The Ritz Carlton, Drake, and Hilton Towers. The Joe DeLuca Orchestra was booked two-and-a half years in advance! His orchestra was in such demand that he was able to pay the tuition of his three children through graduate school!

Since then, Joe DeLuca has kept up with the latest electronic keyboards such as the Cordovox and midi keyboards. His musical ability allows him to perform with his orchestra, as a one-man band performer, and as a strolling accordion player!

His thirst for more musical knowledge is taking him to greater heights during his studies with Pat Ferreri, Frank Caruso, and Joe Martino!



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